Episode 11 – Securing the Bag in 2021

On this episode of The Sir Rod show our topic of discussion is the first conversation in our series “Securing The Bag In 2021”. The concentration for this conversation is ‘Don’t Get Taxed by Taxes’. If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. What are you doing to strengthen your financial position this year? The pandemic disrupted millions of lifestyles and revealed the inherent vulnerability of having all your eggs in one basket. From churches to chatrooms and from breakrooms to boardrooms, everyone is talking about the need for “multiple streams of income”. What’s your game plan? Listen as a 36 year tax preparation veteran Ms. Deidra Pittman of Tax Deivas LLC educates on the correlation between properly structuring your personal or business tax and your ability to make and maintain more money in 2021. 

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